Are we off?

[Update: January 1, 2010 - This blog is only for archival purposes. Buy/Download our songs here]

Hi friends,

You all might be wondering why this blog is not updated for so long and some of you might have assumed that we are off the track.

Yes friends, we are presently not working on any new tracks. Then whats behind the scenes?
No fights, no disputes, but all of us are spread all over the world, doing our higher studies. In Australia, in China, in UK, .... So there will be only few new releases for couple of years, with online collaboration, etc. Also we will be doing some music videos for our songs in the meantime.

Also this blog will be active, as all our online profiles in MySpace, hi5,, GarageBand, AmieStreet, etc will be updated frequently. [Updated on July 30, 2007]

Thanks for your support in the past, download and enjoy the songs...
So an AWAIT, we will be back in future with more music.